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  • 29/04/2020 0 Comments


    I'm not really someone who wants be in the limelight, I just love doing what I do. However, I really wanted to share the recent inteview I did with Sheffield City Region Launchpad.

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  • Close-up photo of toy car
    05/12/2019 - Tamara 0 Comments
    The Explorer Range - It’s birth

    In my past life in school I used to yearn for a budget that could develop our early years outdoor area. Those of you in charge of a school/nursery budget will understand why there was a yearning and not a reality. I’d look for cheaper alternatives in which the outdoor provision could enhance the experiences of our 3 year olds.

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  • Close up Photo of toy car
    19/03/2019 0 Comments
    The Explorer - Open Ended Play

    ‘What is it?’ A friend asked as I showcased one of the first products to launch at MooAngel. 

    “Who’d want to buy that?’ scoffed another.

    “Wait and see’, I replied.

    Now just over a year later it has been a continual best seller.

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  • Close up Photo of 3 bottles contained with papers
    15/01/2019 - Tamara 0 Comments
    Yippee! We have joined the Ecobrick community and so can you!

    2018 was definitely the year that our awareness heightened around pollution and the degree of harm that waste materials is having on our beautiful planet.

    As a family we started to cut down on our plastic use following the BBC Blue Planet II series., like many,this has really affected us. Over the Christmas period we turned our thoughts on what else we could be doing. This is where we discovered Ecobricks.

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  • Photo of a woman wearing orange sports attiire
    11/01/2019 0 Comments
    The Beginnings of MooAngel

    Hi. I’m Tamara and I am the founder, creative director and crafts person of MooAngel.

    I have combined my passions for children learning through their play along with my love for my family, craft and woodwork.

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  • Importance of Water play
    11/01/2019 0 Comments
    Water Play

    Let them play in water -  Why ?

    Can you remember jumping in puddles, running through a sprinkler, crossing stepping stones and using empty container to squirt and pour water? Whilst our lives have moved on incredibly with technology , a fact that still remains is water play is FUN!

    This is why most children become automatically drawn to water and can find themselves absorbed (despite getting wet through!!.) I know, we used to find our eldest daughter either in the bathroom sink full of water when she was just a tot or stripping off and running into the north sea despite it being November!

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  • Family picture of four people
    11/01/2019 0 Comments
    Why MooAngel?

    I have been asked this a number of times since staring my own business so I thought I’d give you further insight behind it. Both Moo and Angel are pet names for each of my daughters.

    I have always been passionate about the experiences we provide to children and young people within education, giving children opportunities to explore, be active and understand the world around them. This is how I started with my range of products. They are all focused on play and learning, encourage outdoor play and use sustainable or up cycled materials.

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