Large Percussion Kit (Percussion Plus)


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An  extensive percussion kit which  includes a variety of great quality instruments which make up the perfect set for percussionists. The kit is suitable for up to 17 players and is ideal for classrooms or music groups and workshops.

All of the instruments are lots of fun and easy to play, capable of creating many different and unique sounds. The kit includes instruments to be hit, scraped, shaken, and rattled and comes with beaters.

Percussion kit includes:

1 x Tambourine

1 x Headless Tambourine

1 x Pair of Maracas

1 x Guiro

1 x Pair of Claves

1 x Pair of Castanets

1 x Castanets on Handle

1 x Tone Block

2 x Two Tone Blocks

1 x Double Wooden Guiro Agogo

1 x Metal Shaker

5 x Triangles

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