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Wooden Pond with Lockable Lid

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For budding nature  enthusiasts out there we have designed our wooden  pond that can be adapted for attracting different wildlife. 

Rocks, stones and untreated wood/logs can be used to create different levels so  animals that prefer shallow water can access also.  

When installing a pond it is important to ensure there is some water movement to prevent the pond stagnating and becoming an attrative host for mosquito larvae.

Water movement can be created by a small pump, fountain or water feature.

The pond measures  67cm x 98cm and is available in  3 depths

Depth 1 - 15cm Deep

Depth 2 - 27cm Deep

Depth 3 - 40cm Deep

Each pond come with a plastic coated wire lid within a wooden frame. This is easiliy removable. Two padlocks are supplied also. 

Adult supervision is required at all times with this product. 

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